Sunday, March 4, 2007

Interview with Vittorio Storaro, ASC

Interview with Vittorio Storaro, ASC

The following are audio excerpts from the interview with Vittorio Storaro conducted by Robert Fisher and Allen Daviau. These excerpts require the Real Media plugin in order to play.

As archived clips, they must first be downloaded to your hard drive before playing. Simply click on the links and specify where you want the file to be saved. Then double-click the file to start playback. If you do not have the Real Media Player plugin, you can get it for free by clicking here.

Clip 1 (138k)
Vittorio Storaro talks about watching the movies from the projection booth, sitting at his father's side. This clip is approximately 3 minutes long.

Clip 2 (406k)
Vittorio Storaro explains how he came to shoot "Apocalypse Now." This clip is approximately 8 minutes long.

Clip 3 (216k)
Vittorio Storaro talks about creating lighting for the desert scenes in the "Dune" miniseries. This clip is approximately 4 minutes long.

Clip 4 (278k)
Vittorio Storaro talks about using familiar crew members, and breaking out of cultural traps. This clip is approximately 5.5 minutes long.

Clip 5 (235k)
Vittorio Storaro speaks about the advantages of new technology and the future of cinema. This clip is approximately 4.5 minutes long.

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